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Engineered Surfaces to Extend Service Life and Performance


The Problem

As drilling environments become more aggressive, standard carbide coated mandrels have shown signs of performance inefficiency with cracking and coating delamination resulting in a short service life.


Extreme Coatings’ CarbideX Coated Mandrels

CarbideX® C9000Cr is a high tungsten carbide containing coating. This formula is designed to resist

  • Severe abrasion
  • Corrosion
  • Adhesive wear
  • Erosion
  • High temperatures up to 800° F

The deposits contain high levels of tungsten carbide in a cobalt-chrome-matrix designed for toughness and superior wear resistance.

Our CarbideX coating process differs from others on the market due to our attention to detail in coating preparation and finishing.


Increased Service Life and Improved Performance Output

  • Lower cost per hour
  • Reduce motor failure rate
  • Longer run potential
  • Higher component utilization rate
PDF - Mandrels Carbide X

Refurbished mandrel with our CarbideX C9000Cr – a dense, crack-free coating designed to restore carbide coated or chrome-plated mandrels

Standard coated spline mandrel. Typical Issue: failure due to chloride attack, causing cracking and chipping

Standard bearing mandrel. Typical Issue: wearing at lower seal