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Engineered Surfaces to Extend Service Life and Performance

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Extreme Coatings apply this same material to my barrel?
Can Extreme Coatings coat my mold/die/calibrator/widget?
Can I send my worn feedscrew to Extreme Coatings to be repaired?
Does Extreme Coatings have references? Who works with Extreme Coatings?
Does Extreme Coatings make new feedscrews?
How much does it cost to encapsulate my feedscrew?
How much extra time does it take to get my screw coated?
How much longer will my feedscrew last?
How much wear is too much for a typical feedscrew?
I have a technical question about a coating, can I contact Extreme Coatings directly?
My feedscrews last a long time, can a coating benefit me?
What if I need to remove the coating to re-cut my screw?
Will a coating ever come off the feedscrew?
Will a hard tungsten carbide coating wear my “soft” barrel?